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Wilson Bohannan Lock Company
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Wilson Bohannan Locks - What Can We Build For You?

Padlock Accessories

Our extensive line of accessories and padlock special features can help increase security and extend the life of your padlocks. If you have any questions about our padlock accessories, please give us a call or click below to ask a representative.

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Padlocks Accessories

Miscellaneous - Special Features

Lockout Hasps


Especially popular in the transportation industry, rubber boot padlock accessories keep mud, slush and other undesirables from entering, accumulating (and sometimes, freezing) inside the keyhole. Shackle strap keeps the boot from being misplaced when the keyhole is accessed. Available in 1 1/2", 1 3/4" and 2" versions.

Shackle and Body Chains

When you need to safeguard your padlocks, and prevent them from being dropped or accidentally removed, Wilson Bohannan offers two varieties of security chain padlock accessories.

Shackle Chain - secured when the padlock is locked; the chain is easily removed when the padlock is unlocked.

Body Chain - the chain is permanently attached to the lock body.

Padlock Chains

Chains are available in 9" or 15", in brass or steel. Heavy 3/0 Bulldog chain also available Custom sizes available.

Numbered Locks

Numbered Locks/Keys

For added security and instant identification, we can provide numbered padlocks and accompanying same-numbered keys.

Frangible Shackles

Frangible Shackles

When speed is of the essence, these shackles can be broken off with a sharp blow. Available in brass only.

Pin Striping

Pin Striping

Customize your padlocks with 1/4" or 1/2" vinyl pin striping. Available in multiple colors.



Powdered graphite is the best means to lubricate the metal working parts of your Wilson Bohannan padlocks.